• VRS GAMES VR 360° Chair
  • VRS GAMES VR 360° Chair
  • VRS GAMES VR 360° Chair
  • VRS GAMES VR 360° Chair
  • VRS GAMES VR 360° Chair
  • VRS GAMES VR 360° Chair

Zero Vr 360° Chair

Cinecoaster VR 360 is the latest multi-dimensional cinema simulator. It relies on 300 degree vertical bearings and front and rear rotating bearings to simulate the most realistic roller coaster experience for players. During the game, players can wear VR glasses and numerous VR movie accessories to experience the extraordinary journey showcased by the film director. Under the 360 degree spinning sensation, players can feel the thrilling excitement of adrenaline soaring rapidly.
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  • VRS GAMES VR 360° Chair
  • VRS GAMES VR 360° Chair
  • VRS GAMES VR 360° Chair
High quality VR 360 seat entertainment center revenue generating tool
The VR all-in-one machine adopts advanced technology and consumer oriented design, ensuring that all users receive a smooth and enjoyable experience. Immersed in a thrilling world, the trustworthy China's leading VR machine factory offers high-quality wholesale prices for VR factories.
Our differences:
Using our advanced parallel electric cylinder technology. Unlike traditional egg chair products, our unique synchronous and stable system. Additionally, we offer discounted prices at our source factory.

Product parameters
item data item data
power 2.5KW games 40
weight 300KG Cephalic display Deepoon E3
size L2000*W1500*H2300(mm) Packaging wooden frame 7.6m³
player 1 Floor area 3㎡
CPU I5 Random motherboard Asus/Gigabyte/Shengxiang
Memory 8G Hard drive 240G SSD
Graphics card GTX1050 source 500w

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The main VR video game experience projects include roller coasters, space adventures, dinosaurs, zombies, cartoons, children's parks, etc.
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